Friday, February 4, 2011

Central Texas Snow Day

Snow is a rarity around here, by rarity I mean I can count the number of times in my life that it's happened on one hand! With that in mind, I get as giddy as a little kid to hear we have a possibility of snow and even more excited when it truly happens. While I'm going to post some good snow-day recipes later this weekend I had to take this chance to show off what the snow looks like at my house...yes those of you who live with cold weather and snow all the time can laugh all you want at me : )

First thing I saw this morning (after breakfast of course!) was a group of people playing in the snow, sliding down the embankment (of what is usually a ditch but turned into a nice sledding hill) and generally enjoying themselves in the snow.

Such a blue sky paints a perfect line against the crisp white roof lines.

Jack's not quite sure why I'm making him trudge out in the snow...he eventually got into it when we stumbled across rabbit tracks in the snow that he deemed sniffy and interesting.

Down the path I walk daily with Jack there is a little off-shoot of Brushy Creek, I have NEVER seen it frozen over, but it clearly was partially frozen over and adrift with ice...quite a sight!

My St.Francis lives along side my front door, under a porch and even he saw a little of the white stuff...

The front of my limestone house looking like it's been frosted with royal icing!

There is something very cool to me about the visual here, a single paw print (ala Jack!) captured in the snow.

While he may be fake, this armadillo is definitely out of his element in the snow!

We'll see how my winter veggies survive this...broccoli, brussel sprouts and leeks blanketed and patiently awaiting the sun to melt away the snow.

Just wanted to share some pics from the snow! Hope you all stay warm today!