Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Morning Breakfast

I love breakfast, and I love Sunday morning -- one day of the week that you can take to enjoy reading the paper, watching the news, eating a big breakfast (something that involves cooking, not just a grab and go kind of thing), and reveling in the beauties of Saturday College Football - or the results of it at least. I stayed up last night to watch the OU v. Texas Tech game, being the staunch UT fan that I am I wanted to see Tech lose -- better for us, sorry Tech! And I was not disappointed, OU played at the top of their game and unfortunately Tech looked like they weren't in the same game.

So this morning, along with enjoying the recaps and highlights the Austin American Statesman has in the Sports section, I made a sugary sweet version of french toast and my favorite accoutrement, bacon!

*2 large eggs, well beaten or use egg substitutes
*2/3 cup sugar
*1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
*sliced bread - Left Over French Bread is my bread of choice
*butter-flavored cooking spray or oil

Beat together the eggs,sugar,and vanilla extract. Dip each slice of bread into the batter to coat both sides. Drain off excess batter and cook on a hot griddle that has been first sprayed with nonstick butter flavor spray (or brushed with oil). Brown well on both sides,but don't let burn.
Some people add powdered sugar and syrup to French toast but this recipe is so sweet I don’t think it’s needed at all. the number of servings will also vary depending upon the size of your bread slices- I usually serve 2-3 slices per person.


Chef E said...

Sound like a good breakfast, and my son said he is at home today watching the Cowboys, I was never a big fan of 'my home' team after Jerry Jones took over. Welcome to watching each other blogs day!

Sharon said...

Great way to start the Sunday morning - that french toast looks divine! Great eats!

Hornsfan said...

Yea I've got to profess I haven't watched the Cowboys much since the early 90s back to back Superbowls -- there's a lot of ego on that team these days!

Chef E said...

You said it!