Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Need a glimmer of summer as the really cold weather sets in?

I know I do, as much as I truly adore the changing of the seasons (all seasons) and as much as I try to cook seasonally sometimes I can't help it and I just crave things...these Eggplant Napoleons are a perfect example of something I just outright craved no matter what the season.

These were super easy to put together, they are basically layered in whatever order you prefer (as noted in the photo above).

To make these lovely (and healthy) treats:

Eggplant Napoleons
1 Large Eggplant
2 Roma Tomatoes, diced
2 Yellow Tomatoes, diced
Fresh Basil
Fresh Mozzarella
8-12oz Fresh Pesto
Salt & Pepper
Vegetable Oil
1 Cup Panko or other bread crumbs
1 Egg, beaten

1. Slice the eggplant into rounds, you don't want them too thick but don't cut them paper thin either, these will be the base so you want them to have enough size to hold up all the other ingredients. Once they are all sliced, salt them and lay them on paper towels to drain, leave 10 minutes.

2. Pat eggplant dry then dip in egg and bread crumbs then fry until golden brown in vegetable oil. Allow eggplant to cool on papertowels.

3. After they are sufficiently cooled, stack with alternating layers of tomato, mozzarella, pesto and basil. Salt and pepper to taste.


girlichef said...

YUM! I feel all warm and toasty inside :D

Angie's Recipes said...

WOW I love these Napoleons. Easy to make, but so delicious!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful eggplant napoleons! Definitely remind me of warm days of summer!

Reeni said...

I could eat these anytime of the year! Delicious comfort food!

Chef E said...

You know I keep passing egg plant up lately, and need to make it again- so many recipes and this one is a must make Bytes! Hope your holidays are going well with the family- tell Dee I said hello!

grace said...

these provide more than a glimmer of summer--they're a veritable shining star, warming the hearts and bellies of all who partake. wow, that sounds a lot more pompous and flowery than it did in my head... :)

Chef Fresco said...

These look so fancy! Perfect for a party app, I'd say - esp since you say they're easy to throw together!