Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Foodbuzz Tastemaker Goodies!

Sometimes I luck into goodies, recently I've had the opportunity to taste two of Bertoli's new sauces, Four Cheese Rosa and Arrabiata. For both I decided it was high time I learn to use the pasta machine and make some homemade pasta. The first attempt at pasta was a simplistic situation, a little flour, a little egg and a little salt VOILA! pasta emerged :)

First I went searching for a good recipe, I ended up trying the first thing I saw on Google, it was a little egg-heavy but it tasted good. I went simple, shaping the dough and running it through the machine a few times to create a fettucini.

Pasta Rosa with Bacon and Onion

1 Jar Bertoli Pasta Rosa Sauce
1 Medium Onion, Thinly Sliced
6 Slices Bacon, Chopped
Parsley, for Garnish

1. Crisp the bacon in a large, heavy bottomed skillet. Remove once it is crisp and set on paper towels to remove excess grease.
2. In bacon rendering, caramlize the onion until it is golden brown. Don't rush this process, allow it to slowly cook over medium heat until it's nice and browned.
3. Pour pasta sauce over onion, add 1 Tbsp reserved pasta water to the sauce and stir until incorporated. Add bacon and incorporate well.
4. Mix in pasta and allow it to sit in the sauce for a few minutes. Serve topped with parsley.

A very simple but very tasty use of the Pasta Rosa. The next dish I pulled together was a little more inspired as I went the Ravioli route, but that'll have to wait a day or two before it gets posted.

Thanks again to Foodbuzz and their partner Bertoli!

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