Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hunger Awareness Blog Project - Day Three: Healthy Dinner ala Leftovers

Last night I surveyed the fridge and decided there was little need to make meal out of raw ingredients when I already had the makings of a good meal tucked away in my fridge and pantry. With a fresh tomato (purchased at the Farmers Market...hothouse tomatoes, yea!), some lettuce, ground turkey (which will be re-purposed in another meal later this week), the seasoning packet from a Hamburger Helper Crunchy Taco package (or taco seasoning), leftover mashed potatoes and a can of black beans, dinner was served!

Meat & Potato Pancakes
1 LB Ground Turkey
1 LB Mashed Potatoes*
1/4 Cup All Purpose Flour
1 Egg
Taco Seasoning/Hamburger Helper Crunchy Taco Seasoning Pack*
Vegetable Oil, enough to fill about 1/2 inch of the pan you use to fry the pancakes

1. Brown the turkey, after it is browned, pour seasoning packet over meat, mix thoroughly.
2. Mix mashed potatoes and egg, once egg and potato are incorporated, slowly add flour until mixture is slightly sticky.
3. Mix in 1/2-1 cup of the cooked turkey.
4. Heat oil in a large, heavy bottomed skillet, once oil is sufficiently hot, drop large spoonfuls of potato mixture into the oil. Allow it to brown on both sides (approximately 3 minutes per side).
5. Remove from oil after cooked and allow pancakes to drain on paper towels.

*Hamburger Helper and Potatoes are on the list of items from the Foodbank.


Dee said...

Those were indeed delicious. Ground turkey never tasted so good.

Chef Fresco said...

I love great leftover meals. I love perfectly ripe tomatoes even more. Looks like a great meal!

Kerstin said...

This is such a cool idea and I'm impressed with your first yummy meal! I feel very spoiled by all our fresh fruits and veggies now.

Cinnamon-Girl said...

Those are some very creative potato pancakes! You rounded out the meal really good with the beans and the fresh veggies!